Siren is a file renaming program

Siren is free of charge and distributed under the GPLv3 license

Windows : XP minimum
GNU/Linux : GTK2 mandatory

No installation needed, unzip and run

Siren renames in mass files based on an expression you've written
(a step by step presentation is available here)

  • In an expression a lot of information associated to a file can be used
    • Name, base name, extension, size, dates et times, dos name, paths etc.
    • Selection number (not depending on the position of the file in the list)
    • Numeric or non numeric parts of the name
    • Information extracted (file types can be automatically detected) :
      All platforms
      Audioaac, ape, asf, au, flac, kar, m4a, m4b, m4r, mid, mka, mp2, mp3, mpc, oga, ogg, ogm, ra, rm, rmvb, wav, wm, wma
      Video3gp, avi, divx, f4v, flv, m4v, mkv, mov, mp4, mpeg, mpg, ogv, rv, swf, webm, wmv
      Imagebmp, cur, dib, gif, ico, jpeg, jpg, mpo, pcx, png, pnm, ppm, svg, tga, thm, tif, tiff, tpic, webp, xpm
      Raw image3fr, arw, cr2, crw, dcr, dng, erf, kdc, mef, mos, mrw, nef, nrw, orf, pef, raf, raw, rw2, sr2, srf, x3f
      Documentepub, eml, odt, ods, odp, ott, pdf, html, htm
      Packageapk, crx, deb, rpm, xpi
      Miscellaneousdesktop, htb, iso, jar, mo, otf, torrent, ttf, url, war, zip
      Windows only
      Executableexe, dll, com, ocx, cpl, tlb, vbx, olb, cnv, rll
      Officedoc, xls, xla, xlt, pot, pps, ppt, ppa, mpp, dot, msi, msp, mst
    • Checksum : crc32, md5, sha1
    • Fixed text
    • System date and time, random values etc.
    • Lines extracted from the clipboard
    • Lines extracted from text files
    • Environment variables

    The following features can be applied :
    • Case modification (uppercase/lowercase)
    • Substring extractions
    • String replacements and deletions
    • Regular Expressions
    • Transliteration
    • Change date formats
    • Use information from other files
    • etc.

    Tools will help you to write, keep and reuse expressions
  • Move and copy files
  • Sub-directories
    You can work on a complete directory tree
  • Undo & Redo
  • Main and thumbnail image visualization
  • Usable from command line
  • Are added to these
    • Under windows : no writing in the registry
    • A detailed help with a lot of examples
    • Monitoring of current directory changes
    • and many others features

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